Pivotal states confronting and accommodating iran

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Kerry, like Obama himself, was horrified by the sins committed by the Syrian regime in its attempt to put down a two-year-old rebellion.In the Damascus suburb of Ghouta nine days earlier, Assad’s army had murdered more than 1,400 civilians with sarin gas.Taking a tough posture toward Iran has been one of Trump’s most clear-cut priorities since assuming office; in many ways, he has more clearly laid the groundwork for confronting Iran than Sunni jihadists like ISIS. Despite the risks, picking an early fight with Iran does make some strategic sense for Trump.By putting Iran “on notice” after its latest missile launch, imposing new sanctions, calling out Iranian proxies in Yemen, and questioning the future of the nuclear deal, Trump is signaling that the Obama era is over and that the Iranians can expect forceful pushback, not conciliation, when they challenge U. Of the three main revisionist powers who have gained ground under the Obama administration, Iran is clearly the weakest and most overextended.Skorpioniem ir spēcīga griba, tik stipra, ka to agresivitāte pārsteidz daudzus ienaidniekus ceļā uz panākumiem.Un skorpioni cīnās par panākumiem dzīvē, iespējams, ar daudz lielāku enerģiju, nekā visas citas zīmes kopā, un ar tādiem pat panākumiem.In a ddition Kuwait raised output levels by about 550,000 BD Nigeria and Venezuela provided significant supplementary oil pro duction;and Iraq, Abu Dhabi, and other Persian Gulf emirates pro vided marginal additions to world oil supplies I THE REACTION OF OTHE R OIL PRODUCERS While the privately-owned international oil industry smoothly reallocated the Iranian oil shortfall to minimize its impact on world oil markets in general and Iran's individual customers in particular, various national petroleum organizatio n s have sought to extract economic and political windfall benefits from the Iranian oil shutdown.Abu Dhabi opportunistically exercized a contractual option tocutback all its long-term oil supply contracts by 5 per cent, thereby enabling itself to auction o ff two million barrels of oil on the spot market in late January. Last year Riyadh had indirectly in dicate d that it would suspend its self-imposed production ceiling of 8.5 MBD as long as Iran was shutdown.

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When the politically-motivated strikes reduced Iranian oil output below Iran's domestic energy requirements, the global oil production network was stretched taut as more than 3 MBD of surplus production capacity was thrown into the breach, leaving oil importers to make up the remaining shortfall by drawing down worldwide oil reserves by an extra 2 MBD.Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has responded to Mr.Trump with mocking sarcasm.“Trump is unpredictable; our leaders are unpredictable,” Ms. “It suddenly feels as if we are on a sinking ship.” […]“After the nuclear deal, everything looked up,” said Ali Sabzevari Fasfangari, 33, a magazine publisher.Pret viņu jāizturas nopietni: nedrīkst iebilst, bet arī liekuļot nē.Nav vērts aicināt viņu uz teātri vai jautru ballīti – viņam patīk mājas miers.

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