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Its fortunate that some years ago, Philippine government imposed the law to protect women and children against violence from men in the home who are supposed or tend to protect their wives and children from harm, which happened otherwise, that they themselves inflict emotional and physical damage to its members of the family, and also of which I am thankful of, as I am one who benefited from it.With this law, law enforcers, from purok to barangay officials, to the police officers can intervene during the time the crime (violence at home) is being committed, and not consider the reason that it is just a "family trouble" as it was called and attended long before the law was passed and approved.but am glad for your site or i would be going down that endless road of send money day after day, one of the pictures she sent me is already posted on her the one with her stand by the porch door, i have also found her on her under another name of Mumuni Zulfawu, i sent her the picture of her in the yellow shirt minus the stop scammers words and asked her for the necklace she was wearing and she said ya i can get it and send it to you. The necklace was the same as one in another picture she sent me. I have no enough patience to wait during this easy moment in our life, I wish to meet faster you to jump up to you on a neck, to kiss you on the mouth, to look you in the face and to inform you, I LOVE YOU Michael!!!!!!! Ideas to rather our fast meeting warm my soul, they support me when in me the mood is bad, and do me happy. I wish to be convinced of you that you will not throw me. I do not trust in virtual love, I wish to be close to you. First she asks money for her mother and after that for the documents in Nigeria. Favourite mine Michael, I very insistently wish to see you. ‏ Van: Svetlana ([email protected]) Verzonden: maandag 19 juli 2010 Aan: Hello my love Michael!!! To look in your eyes, to see your smile, to feel your fire of love and passion... My love Michael, I long thought what to write further and as all to you to tell, To explain about that I wish to write to you. It has occurred approximately 3 months ago, I to buy phone.

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This week I tuck him in and say I'm in the living room so you know I am just down the hall and he is fine with it.

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