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Jerusalem is at the heart of the three major religions. It is also the meeting place of many people and cultures.The great walls of the Old City encompass some of the world’s holiest sites.The Israel Museum is the largest cultural institute in Israel, and is ranked among the worl’s leading art and archaeology museums.The Museum exhibits nearly 500,000 objects; Encyclopedic collections, including works dating from prehistory to the present day, in its Archeology, Fine Arts, and Jewish Art and Life Wings, and features the most extensive holdings of biblical and Holy Land archeology in the world.Mamilla Pool at Independence Park The Mamilla Pool is located at the bottom of Jerusalem's Independence Park.Mamilla is an Arabic word, meaning “that which comes from God”.It borders with the Temple Mount ("Har Habayit") and incorporates the Wailing Wall ("Ha'kotel") and the City of David ("Ir David").

More about Shaare Hesed The Jewish Quarter is situated in the Southeast part of the Old City.

Not long after breaking character for the first time, Naomi pulls out her i Pad. And I have a kosher phone.” “Baruch Ha Shem.” She shows me some things, we take some pictures, then she calls the waiter over to take our picture around the time the couple on the real shidduch date leaves. At both these locations, Naomi asks the guards if we can come inside and sit in the lobby while I just sort of stand off in the background feeling awkward.

When I arrive, she’s in the bathroom putting the finishing touches on her costume. The vivacious girl known for wearing clothing so loud that if it actually covered more of her body, everyone within a 10-yard radius would be in danger of becoming blind and deaf, has transformed herself into Frumma Blahstein for our “date.” “Call me Shua,” I say, arms behind my back and avoiding her gaze as though making eye-contact were signing a kesuba. Two more liberal Jews—Gemara chevrutas, no less—going on a fake shidduch date? We pick a square of couches near a bar in the back of the lobby and begin our shidduch conversation: “Where do you learn? ” “Mechon Pardes.” “Mechon Meir.” “Oh, baruch Ha Shem! Talking about it as ourselves proves much more engaging. “I will only be with a man who does.” “But you use a filter at least, right? It only lets me use Skype for my speech therapy sessions and email. First, we head for the David Citadel, but they are closed off for a private event, so we go to the Mamila instead, but they are also closed.

You don’t have to have all of the same interests but you do need to respect each other’s differences.

Make sure your goals and values are not on a collision course.

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