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Workshop participants will get a free copy of the book ‘Learn Ruby on Rails’ by Daniel Kehoe (PDF file for download)."Learn Ruby on Rails" is the book for Rails beginners, offering a gentle introduction to important concepts and paving the way for success with more advanced tutorials.While we're setting up the program for yet another great day of learning, take a look at Berlin, Krakow & Singapore for a glimpse of what happens during the day. We’ve had people of all ages taking part, most of the crowd usually is young women in their twenties, but we truly welcome everyone. Yes, but girls are given a priority as this is a workshop targeted for women.學員報到,接續前晚的課題,將基本 Ruby 及 Rails 環境安裝完成,基礎命令行(Command line)輕鬆教學讓女孩們第一次使用 command 就上手! How much does the workshop cost? You're welcome to fork the project on Github and create another kind! 本活動需要費用嗎? 不用!只需要你的熱情和學習心 學員需要具備什麼條件 只要你是女性並具有基本的電腦使用能力與知識, 不限年齡與其它條件, 必要的工具是一台筆記型電腦。 男性可以以學員身份參加嗎? 可以,但女性優先,也歡迎 fork Git Hub 上的項目,或帶同女伴參加。 Rails Girls Hong Kong is co-organized with our awesome partners.Other cars honk their horns and the taxi grinds to a halt, as the girl gets up and tries to run to safety.

We share a language and a cultural shorthand that can be a comfort when I’m feeling small and alone in this enormous city.Suddenly, a tiny figure dressed in white darts across a pedestrian crossing, narrowly missing a double-decker bus, which manages to slam on the brakes just in time.However, the young girl runs right into a passing red taxi cab, and is side-swept to the ground.Photo: Hong Phuc FOSSASIA I AM AN AMERICAN EXPAT LIVING IN HONG KONG.Just talk to me for 10 seconds and you can figure that out.

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