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Is it because of Ledger having a famous wife and a young child?

Ledger had the teen dream audience from 10 Things . ., the indie/arthouse audience from Brokeback, and a lot of geek buzz about his upcoming role as the Joker. He also reached a broad audience with the sleeper hit A Knight's Tale.

Is it because of the timing - Ledger's death eclipsed Renfro's?

But for some reason it seems to me that Ledger's death is regarded as more significant than Renfro's.Read what he told us about the actor's dream endeavors, his favorite film and working with his close friends and family.Weeks prior to his untimely death, the health and emotional struggles plaguing Heath Ledger were evident, close friends of the Australian actor have said this week.”Ledger was found dead inside his apartment on January 22, 2008, with a toxicology report revealing he died from a fatal mix of prescription drugs.We're remembering the late Heath Ledger today on what would have been his birthday.

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