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Within the modern communities of the Belgian and Dutch provinces of Limburg, intermediate idiolects are also very common, which combine standard Dutch with the accent and some grammatical and pronunciation tendencies derived from Limburgish.

This "Limburgish Dutch" is confusingly also often referred to simply as "Limburgish", although in Belgium such intermediate idiolects tend to be called "tussentaal" ("in-between language"), no matter the exact dialect/language with which standard Dutch is combined.

The European School in Mol (40 km from Eindhoven) provides a multilingual and international education.

) is a city and a municipality in the southeast of the Netherlands.

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At AISR we are proud to serve over 40 nationalities.

Internationally known language school that offers Dutch language courses at all levels, including group and private instruction.

In some parts of this area it is generally used as the colloquial language in daily speech.

It shares many characteristics both with German and Dutch and is often considered as a variant of one of these languages (see also Dachsprache).

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