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She publishes blogs, travel advice, and itineraries for her clients at Travel Observations.

She has lived and worked in North America, Europe, and Africa, and takes additional international trips to Asia and South America every year.

You may be in the stage of life when you’re still establishing your career, living in shared accommodation, or saving up to go travelling.

She, on the other hand, may already be settled, financially secure, maybe even a mother. But, if you are living a different lifestyle to the person you’re dating, it will likely lead to conflict.

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The only exception to this rule is if she specifically asks for your support or help.Because a man’s love isn’t like a woman’s love.” –S. We grew up with fairytales, and sometimes I even struggle with the idea that I won’t ever find a “Prince Charming.” The one who is willing to kiss me to save my life, or fight off a dragon to rescue me from my tower. No man (or woman) is perfect, but find someone whose flaws are “Women want their love to be reciprocated in the same way they give it; they want their romantic lives to be as rewarding as they make them for their potential mates; they want the emotions that they turn on full blast to be met with the same intensity; and they expect the premium they put on commitment to be equally adhered to, valued, and respected.” –S. A directive like that signals to a man that you are not a playing, someone to be used and discarded. It tells him that what you have- your benefits- are special, and that you need time to get to know him and his ways to decide if he DESERVES them. Ladies: set some standards; make a man respect you, make him put in effort, and make him In the long run you are ultimately in charge. She may already have children, which will bring its own challenges and rewards.A responsibility like children will restrict spontaneity and you won’t always be the priority in her life.

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